July 22, 2014
President Obama Deserves Some Perverse Credit For The Scheduling On His Latest Fund Raising Trip To Seattle
Democrats News
by Jim Miller, 07:24 AM

If he were trying to wreck the afternoon and evening commute, that's what the schedule would look like.

This has happened often enough in this area so that I suspect that Obama — and his millionaire contributors — are timing these visits to disrupt traffic intentionally, that they enjoy the pain they cause for so many ordinary commuters.  (Here's another example of bad timing in a Seattle visit from last November.   Note that Obama was also able to disrupt traffic in Los Angeles on that same visit.)

Polls before the 2012 election showed that most voters thought that Obama cared about ordinary people; these fund raising schedules show that he doesn't.

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(For those unfamiliar with the roads in the Seattle area:  There are two bridges over Lake Washington connecting Seattle with the east side suburbs.  The main one, I-90, has just one lane open in one direction, thanks to construction; the other, 520, will be closed by the Obama motorcade between 5 and 6 PM.  To get back to the airport, Obama will probably close I-405, one of the two main north-south routes, between 6 and 7 PM.

For the record:  I don't think the traffic tie-ups will be quite as bad as some are predicting — mostly because the people who can will change their schedules to avoid the president.)

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July 20, 2014
Two Sets Of Pictures Of The Fire Devastation At Pateros, And The Surrounding Area
Public Lands News
by Jim Miller, 01:19 PM

One slick set from the Daily Mail.

And then, in contrast, four minutes of video taken by a drone, flown by Chelan HD Productions.  Here's their brief explanation of what you are seeing in that video.

Video starts on outskirts of Pateros, Moves to Alta lake, then to Indian Dan Canyon and ends in the City of Pateros.

Cross posted at Jim Miller on Politics.

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July 17, 2014
Endorsements for August 5, 2014 Primary
Local Politics News
by warrenpeterson, 10:54 PM

It is just a primary election but there is one "watch your wallet" ballot measure and several vitally important State Senate races.

Proposition #1 - Seattle Park District

This Trojan Horse establishes a new taxing authority run by a commission composed of members of the Seattle City Council. They could raise property taxes up 75 cents per thousand of assessed evaluation without a vote of taxpayers. Of course if they could they would. VOTE NO

Legislative Races

In Washington, we have the Top Two primary system. For example, If several candidates file for a legislative seat, only the top two vote getters, regardless of party, advance to the general election (assuming each of the two receive at least one percent of the total vote). Democrats have held the governor's office, the State House of Representatives and until recently the State Senate for almost three decades. Thanks to Republican turned Democrat Senator Rodney Tom who formed a coalition with Republicans to take control of the Senate in 2012, Democrats were stopped from enacting a host of tax and spend bills. Senator Tom is not seeking reelection so it is even more important to support Republicans for the State Senate.

Senate Races in King County:

30th District - A Republican can win this district. VOTE FOR Mark Miloscia.

31st District - Conservative Republican State Representative Cathy Dahlquist is challenging the mercurial and erratic incumbent, Senator Pam Roach. If Republicans win the Senate, it will be by just a few seats. They don't need to be constantly concerned about what Pam is up to now. VOTE FOR Cathy Dahlquist.

32nd District - Democrat district but there is a Republican candidate. VOTE FOR Robert Reedy.

33rd District - Leans Democrat but Republicans are fielding candidates for both House seats. For the Senate, VOTE FOR Martin Metz.

34th District - Hopeless, only Democrats running, two of three unopposed.

36th District - Fairly solid Democrat district but incumbent Democrat Senator Kohl-Welles is being challenged by a solid Republican. VOTE FOR Sarina Forbes.

37th District - An open seat in a Democrat district. VOTE FOR Rowland Martin.

43rd District - Hopeless. It is so bad that Democrat House Speaker Frank Chopp is being seriously challenged by a Socialist ally of the Socialist Seattle City Council Member. And to think this district used to elect Republicans.

45th District - A must win. VOTE FOR Senator Andy Hill.

46th District - Hopeless too but there is a well-qualified Republican carrying the flag for the GOP. VOTE FOR Van Sperry.

47th District - Another must win. VOTE FOR Senator Joe Fain.

48th District - Rodney Tom's district, He's not running so it's an open seat. A Republican can win here. VOTE FOR Michelle Darnell.

State House of Representatives

It is highly unlikely that the House will go Republican but use your Voters' Pamphlet and vote for any Republican that looks qualified. If they can get into the top two and 2014 proves to be a wave election for the Republicans, well who knows, lighting may strike.

Federal Offices

United States House of Representatives (King County districts).

Democrats have little or no chance of winning the House nationally but that's no reason not to challenge Democrats in Blue Washington.

1st District - A possible win with Microsoft money vs Microsoft money, this will be a race. VOTE FOR Pedro Celis.

7th District - Please, do we have to put up with McDermott forever? VOTE FOR Craig Keller.

8th District - Clear choice. VOTE FOR Dave Reichert.

9th District - Democrat district but show the flag. VOTE FOR Doug Basler

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