September 27, 2004
Christine Gregoire, Robo-caller

After running across the house to pick up the telephone, it turns out that it was only a robo-call from "Chris Gregoire, candidate for governor". Chris told me to be sure to check my mailbox, because I'm supposed to receive a "vote by mail" application. Chris went on to explain that I should fill out and mail back this "vote by mail" application. The only thing more annoying to me than a robo-call is a robo-call from a Democrat candidate. And the only thing more annoying than a robo-call from a Democrat candidate is a robo-call from a Democrat who assumes I'm as dumb as the Democrat voters who need instructions from the government on how to check their own mailboxes and answer their own mail.

Unfortunately, politicians exempted themselves from the "National Do Not Call Registry", so the campaign robo-calls keep coming. Fortunately, you still have recourse against politicians who violate your privacy and annoy you with robo-calls. I make a point of calling the homes of people who make robo-calls to my home. If I can't find their home number from directory assistance, I call their offices to ask for their home numbers "But she called me at home," I explained to the Gregoire campaign phone boy who identified himself as Ryan., "why shouldn't I be able to call her at home?"

Ryan thought this was very funny but he didn't give me Gregoire's phone number. He did promise to take me off the campaign's call list. Not that I trust this promise any more than I trust any of Gregoire's other promises. But I made my point and I wasted her campaign's time.

If enough people call the robo-callers back, the cost of robo-calls will eventually become expensive enough that they'll have to stop.

Gregoire's contact information is here.

Posted by Stefan Sharkansky at September 27, 2004 05:15 PM | Email This
1. One more reason to vote against Gregoire...

See in a bit for a pithy whine against this gar-bage!

Posted by: Josef on September 27, 2004 07:25 PM
2. One more reason to vote against Gregoire...

See in a bit for a pithy whine against this gar-bage!

Posted by: Josef on September 27, 2004 07:25 PM
3. Check out my blog - it's got posted a top-5 list of reasons why Gregoire's a bad idea!!!

Posted by: Josef on September 27, 2004 09:13 PM
4. In the primaries, I was receiving 3 or 4 robo-calls a DAY from Republicans (might have gotten 1 or 2 from Democrats. But most of them were REpublicans)

I wrote the head of the Republicans (plus every campaign that I had received at least one from) telling him I did NOT appreciate these calls and felt he was turning off voters, not positive. I also told him I had cancelled my membership with the NRA because of their propensity to call me with a person and then hand me off to a pre-recorded message. (IE you're not going to get money this way)

Chris Vance's response was NOT helpful
"These calls go to all registered voters with phone numbers. I am sorry if they annoy you, but they are a very popular and cost effective way to spread a message."

No offer to take me off the list because I did not want them. No estimation that they care about what people think. It's "cost effective" (seems to me not SO cost-effective if they alienate their supporters)

So in a lot of ways, I'd say Gregoire's campaign was being responsible, in this one thing. Because they did say they wouldn't call you back.

Posted by: Sarah Schreffler on September 28, 2004 06:08 AM
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