June 14, 2006
Sims and Phillips expected to move forward with vote-by-mail scheme

Ron Sims and Larry Phillips appear to be forging ahead with their scheme for forced mail voting, in spite of Dean Logan's resignation, according to today's P-I report and Chairman Phillips' press release:

"The vote-by-mail ordinance remains on our agenda for action on June 19. We will be talking with the Executive this week on a plan for moving that legislation forward."
This reflects a warped set of priorities, given that the Elections Office has at least eleven open positions, including Director, Superintendent of Elections, two of three Assistant Superintendents, the Absentee Ballot Manager (Nicole Way's old job) and the top two IT positions. Indeed, the most senior person left is Garth Fell, who was responsible for the bogus Mail Ballot Reports of 2004 and 2005 --

The first priority for the Elections Section should be to restaff itself with competent people so it can perform its basic duties. And it seems hard to imagine how the Elections Section can attract many competent people as long as its just another device in Ron Sims' political toolbag. The only significant change the Council should consider at this point is to make the top elections job an elected office, as it is in every other county in the state. Only then will the office attract independent competent leadership, which is directly responsible to the public. This change is needed. It is overdue and this is the best time for Councilmembers of both parties to come together and act on this.

To commit to such a radical (and wildly controversial) change in the way elections are run as forcing everybody to vote by mail is simply irresponsible at this time . It is not necessary. The Elections Section does not have the staff to do a proper job. It will only distract attention from more important priorities and lower confidence in elections even further. This move simply doesn't make any logical sense. The only explanations for Sims and Phillips apparent intention to move forward with it next week are that (a) they don't want to lose face by backing down and (b) this was a flagrantly partisan manoeuver to begin with. I get the impression that this is at least partly motivated by somebody's (cockamamie) theory that filling the county's mailboxes with unsolicited ballots would generate enough extra votes (legal and otherwise) to put their candidates over the top in races they fear they could not otherwise win. If I'm completely wrong about this, then I would expect cooler heads to prevail and put off the discussion about switching to mail-only voting at least until the Elections Section has an actual leadership team.

Posted by Stefan Sharkansky at June 14, 2006 04:31 PM | Email This
1. Now why doesn't that surprise me? I fully expect them to ram this through regardless of the testimony they heard. And thus we lose the last small thread of election security we had. Of course then they'll be able to claim that 100% of us now choose to vote by mail. Just like all those in the 34 or so counties already forced to do so chose to in the last election

Posted by: RBW on June 14, 2006 05:15 PM
2. I fully expect them to ram this through regardless of the testimony they heard. RBW

But Phillips didn't hear the testimony remember, he walked out and did not come back till it was over.

Posted by: TrueSoldier on June 14, 2006 05:28 PM
3. Gee, and they wonder why people have such a hard time trusting them with the sanctity of the vote.

Posted by: SouthernRoots on June 14, 2006 05:44 PM
4. Man can I have some of what they're smoking? I guess I need to move to Seattle to get a better crack.

Posted by: MSRedneck on June 14, 2006 05:57 PM
5. Here's a dose of common sense: Why don't they first show us that they have run a clean, error-free, fraud-free election with enough security measures to prevent double voting and dead voting and no "I-live-in-a-mailbox-the-size-of-my-foot" mailbox registrations, etc etc FIRST? Then when they accomplish that, we might feel more comfortable with all-mail voting.

Posted by: Michele on June 14, 2006 06:00 PM
6. Truesoldier,

Phillips didn't but the council did. And it's a vote of the council that's necessary to pass this travesty. And in an honest environment (please no laughing here) the council would deliberate and render it's best judgement before the vote.

Posted by: RBW on June 14, 2006 06:27 PM
7. Maybe you all should dress up like homeless people (smudge you faces, alla Boston Tea party) and storm the elections office in order to appropraite the next set of ballots into the Puget Sound.

Then again, this is baseball season. Maybe in the fall. Well, the Hawks could have a good year. Maybe in the winter, if it doesn't rain too much. This chains hardly even chaff when one gets used to them, eeh?

Posted by: Jericho on June 14, 2006 06:42 PM
8. It's unconscionable that KCE would even be ready to conduct an election, much less move to an entirely new process with so many key positions unfilled. The problem seems pretty impossible to rectify currently because:

1) Sims wants the director and overall tone of KCE to remain partisan.
2) There are very key missing positions such as IT and Managment.
3) It's unlikely that anyone would want to step in to such positions without adequate leadership from above.
4) It's unlikely that anyone would want to step in to such positions while there is so much unresolved controversy and tension.
5) It will take a lot of money to attract truly good people to these positions. The private sector could speed this process up with more money, the public sector cannot afford to make that choice.
6) Even notwithstanding all of the above, the potential of failure is high for any new leadership in simply conducting elections under the current system, let alone a new, all mail ballot system.

What's required to get out of this problem is principled leadership from the Council and County Executive. And perhaps putting partisan bickering aside to do the right thing in making the Elections Director an elected position.

Neither Sims nor Phillips has the integrity to handle the job.

Posted by: Jeff B. on June 14, 2006 06:50 PM
9. Why doesn't Tim Eyman get an initiative ready to rebuke the Dem Council's desire to go all-mail voting ? No matter what the mouthpieces for Sims or any other Demo council Rep says, we all know that this is an extension of the Democrap machine - in their minds. Their attitude is who needs accountibility ?

All-mail voting - not just no but Hell no !

Posted by: KS on June 14, 2006 06:52 PM
10. Still hacked off that Larry Phillips intentionally walked out of public hearing portion of that council meeting on forced-mail voting. Does the truth hurt, Larry?

Posted by: Misty on June 14, 2006 07:50 PM
11. It's not an emergency. They have a plan.

Moveon.org will staff the elections office.

Posted by: BananaLand on June 14, 2006 08:01 PM
12. Half-Billion Dollars !!! for Illegal Immigrant Healthcare In CA State Budget
Democrats Trying to Hide Half-Billion Dollars for Illegal Immigrant Healthcare in State Budget, States Assemblyman Chuck DeVore, Who Demands Removal Before Budget Vote

You see America… This is what Californians have to put up with… Is this what you want in your future? It will come to your state too if you don’t wake up. Is this the future you want for your state? Think about it…. It is time to vote out those politicians who love amnesty and illegal aliens. It is time to elect officials that will put the American Citizen First!



Posted by: DONT VOTE FAVOR AMNESTY on June 14, 2006 08:35 PM
13. Sims and his gang will cram their forced mailing through, and suffer through yet another disaster election as a result of it. Go ahead, make our day!

We will have Fair elections in this town again!

Posted by: GS on June 15, 2006 12:18 AM
14. Vote by mail has reached the status of a "pillar of the faith" with democrat circles. In other words unquestionable.

KCE has some work to do:
Fill vacancies.
Run a clean election.
Comply with election law.
Provide full timely disclosure.

Then and only then should all mail ballots be discussed.

Failure to fix the existing problems before a radical shift in procedures indicates the motives of the council is other than, accurate elections.

Posted by: JCM on June 15, 2006 07:02 AM
15. "Failure to fix the existing problems before a radical shift in procedures indicates the motives of the council is other than, accurate elections."

Buy you misunderstand, they do not want accurate elections, they wany to stay in office!

"Let them eat cake"

Posted by: steve on June 15, 2006 07:33 AM
16. Steve,

Never mind! I keep thinking I live in the United States of America but keep discovering I am living in the Socialist Republic of Washington.

Posted by: JCM on June 15, 2006 07:37 AM
17. Somewhat OT but a window into the mindset of what's going on here. A long read - well worth the time. Authored by Fjordman.


Posted by: dan on June 15, 2006 08:50 AM
18. I think that the council should make RONNY BOY run the next primary and general elections with only the help of the staff (what is remaining that is) to help him.

If he thinks that we don't need an elected auditor, and only a ronny puppit, then let Ron do the Job. My Boss knows how to perform my duties in my absence, lets see how KC RON does!!!

Now council memeber, put your money where your Mouths are....Let RONNY TAKE CARE OF IT, ALL BY HIMSELF.

Posted by: chris on June 15, 2006 06:56 PM
19. Dan
The essay by Fjordman shows exactly where the leftist elite in King County are attempting to go. After reading this essay, it is clear that cultural Marxism has morphed into the agenda promoted by Sims and the Politiburo of King County. Welcome to the real world.

Posted by: KS on June 16, 2006 03:38 PM
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